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Nut-Rage! - Shannon Manning

RNC Guide - Aaron Spiewak

Today I Have Been Born Again - Manuel Delgado Montilla

Today’s Manifesto - Gregg Miller

Obama! - Manning Peterson

Fahrenheit 9/11 and Khyber Pass - David Hammond

Close Your Eyes and Say “I Believe...I Believe!” - Adam McKay

“I’m gonna say ‘Fuck’!” - Alex Marino

Let America Be America Again - Angus Johnston

From the UN Mailbag - Eugene Hyramson

Comix - Porter Mason

Suck Me Off - Katherine Sharpe

Big Rock Candy Mountain - Angus Johnston

Surf Report - Ed Hewitt

Lulu Eightball - Emily Flake

A Night at the Movies - Porter Mason

Ugg Boots - Hannah Gersen

Henry Plays Hockey: an Epiphany- Kate Lamont

Happy Birthday Sariah - Marian Rosen

Genius - Louie Pearlman

Aaron Bergeron's You've Got A Crush on Aaron Bergeron

Backcover Ronald Reagan in Memorium

Front Cover


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