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Let me say, at the risk of sounding ridiculous, that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love. -Che Guevara



Little Commie LLC (now doing business as Sparkle Television) is a media and theatrical production and management company formed with great feelings of love by Shannon Manning.

The name comes from a nickname given to Shannon by her late father, with somewhat equal parts disdain and admiration.

The company's name is not simply about political leanings but is instead a tribute to the artistic and spiritual communism that arises from and feeds communities of artists, entertainers, scholars, pirates, and, sometimes, even capitalists.

Little Commie LLC is Marxist only in the true sense--inspiring the workers to seize the means of production (in a collective artistic sense.) Operating under the mantra of "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" (in a collective artistic sense.) Urging workers to unite, because we have nothing to lose but our chains (our collective, artistic chains.)

Collective. Artistic. Revolutionary. Or to paraphrase US Treasury Sec'y Paul O'Neill's buddy: "This is not a rebel site. This is Commie, Little Commie."


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