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Today’s Manifesto
by Gregg Miller

6. Let us end the tyranny of the weather report. The false solace of predictions come true; the petty betrayal when not. Snow will fall, buds will blossom, the earth will split. The cult of perpetual advance warning and disappointment displays the demand for a prophetic poetics, but at the skin-deep level of the wholly inconsequential. A generalized urgency for weather updates is a symptom betraying powerlessness and the lack of will for a meaningful confrontation with hope, despair and the risk that makes it matter.

7. Subjective experience is derivative of learning processes which are always outside of our control. The quest for authenticity can only be a shared one, radiating beyond the closet of intimacy. You can check out my closet if I can check out yours.

8. The shift to gender equity is lip service without a guaranteed year off paid for fathers and mothers with newborns. Worries over lost productivity display the older generations’ concern for the health of their retirement portfolios. Employers whose profit model excludes family-wage jobs make untenable the reproduction of society, parasitic as they are on the bonds of love which force parents to scramble to keep it together. Once love goes out the window, why work?

9. It’s one thing to know a bomb may blow up in my neighborhood, another that a bomb will blow up in my hemisphere. Terror alerts without geographic specificity is a terror perpetrated by governments using fear to tame and intimidate their domestic populace. How better to dampen enthusiasm for genuine pluralism and diversity than to insist that a death-cloud hovers over one and all? How better to defer global responsibility than to warrant security at all costs? It is time for ridicule. We need orange alert t-shirts, bobble-head dolls, toilet paper, and knickknacks of every variety.

Gregg Miller teaches political theory at Lewis & Clark College, in Portland, OR. He wants you to check out his wife’s website:

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