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Pipe Up! is a monthly art, culture, politics, music, and humor magazine published in Brooklyn, in print and on the Web. Pipe Up! is now accepting advertisers for the next print edition.


Current rates are $20 for half page ad, $40 for full page. Advertisers will also receive a link or a mention on the website.


Half Pages:

8” tall x 3” wide or
4” tall x 6” wide

Full Page:

8” tall x 6.5” wide.


Electronic preferred, highest quality possible. Keep in mind that printed format is Black & White or Grayscale.


Current circulation is 500, a very targeted readership, though if we get enough advertisers to offset printing costs we may go much higher, with no extra charge to you if you contact me right away (an early-adopter bonus!)


Our readers are a broad band of creators and consumers of art and entertainment in many fields: academic, musical, literary, and comedic. Pipe Up! will be available at bookstores, entertainment and musical venues throughout the city, through subscription, and through our vast network of friends and associates. Mostly centered in NY with some Chicago distribution points.


Pipe Up! is monthly, with a mid-month release, and distribution/circulation continuing throughout the following month. Please keep that in mind if you have date-specific events to advertise. If you are a performance group, you may wish a general catchy ad with a link to a website for show dates and times.

If you would like to have your ad included in the next issue, please email it to us. If you need design or content assistance, we can hook you up with that as well!


Also, if any of you would like to help promote other people, stores, products etc., please refer them to Pipe Up. We will likely set up a commission-type deal for people who bring in advertisers.

Ads in past issue

Donations are of course welcome!

About Pipe Up!:

The mission of this magazine is to provide a forum for people from many different disciplines to talk about things that engage or enrage them, using their most powerful tool--their own voice. Even if it is a fake one.

Pipe Up! has an intentionally broad focus and intended audience. We consider it a positive reaction to the trend of overspecialization and narrowing of content to please a specific audience or lowest common denominator.

We intend to destroy all passivity and isolation in the makers and consumers of artistic and political culture. And meanwhile we will create some fun and broadly hip subway and day-job reading.

Pipe Up! is published by Little Commie LLC ( which will have copyright on the magazine, but you will keep rights to anything you create.

About the Editor: Shannon Manning studied in Chicago at the School of the Art Institute, the University of Chicago (BA history), the University of Illinois at Chicago (MA theatre), Second City, and the Improvolympic with Del Close. Also in Chicago she wrote, performed, and directed a play called Dead Dads (which later played at SoloArts and the UCB Theater) and wrote and produced an award-winning Chicago Bulls scoreboard animation. Since moving to New York in 1997, she has continued to act at the UCBT, on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and has coached and taught longform improv at the UCBT and as part of Toyota Comedy Festival's Laugh Well program, respectively. She writes and directs short films (one selected for the 2002 Chicago Improv Fest), is a co-founder of the video collective Leche Magica and the music and improv shows Beauty Love Truth and Red All Over. She has been active in the publishing and broadcast industry for 15 years. Latest masthead info.

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