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Pipe Up! is an art, culture, politics, music, and humor magazine published in Brooklyn, in print and on the Web.




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The mission of this magazine is to provide a forum for people from many different disciplines to talk about things that engage or enrage them, using their most powerful tool--their own voice. Even if it is a fake one.

Pipe Up! has an intentionally broad focus and intended audience. We consider it a positive reaction to the trend of overspecialization and narrowing of content to please a specific audience or lowest common denominator.

We intend to destroy all passivity and isolation in the makers and consumers of artistic and political culture. And meanwhile we will create some fun and broadly hip subway and day-job reading.


WRITERS: When it comes to writing about art, culture, and music, we are more interested in hearing about things you dig than things you don't dig, unless you are trying to help us undig ourselves from the mass culture under which we are constantly buried. For example, we don't necessarily need to give the people any more reasons to skip an off-off-off Broadway play, but we can give them excellent reasons to turn off their TV or forgo a blockbuster movie--especially if we provide alternatives.

For politics, we are more interested in your personal or artistic take on issues than heavy-handed dogma. Please keep in mind when writing topical pieces that there may be up to 2 weeks turnaround on publication.

For humor pieces, we greatly prefer earnestness over knowing detatchment. Check past issues for examples of attacks or celebrations written with an honest voice, and comedy with a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down.

Fiction, poetry, and tremendously short pieces are also welcome.

500 words is ideal, but we will consider longer pieces. Please include a 1 or 2 line straight bio with all submissions and other contact info including address. (Straight means non-jokey. It can have a humorous or personal touch, but it's a true bio.)

All submissions chosen for publication may be edited for length, flow, and clarity, but will then be returned to you for final approval.

ART AND COMIX: Please send us illustrations, comix or B&W graphics. Charts. Images and/or text of any kind.

DEADLINE: We have open rolling submissions, with the deadline for the upcoming issue typically falling a few weeks before the issue is out. Or sometimes the deadline is extended, awaiting material.

E-Z SUBMISSIONS (some ideas)

Pipe Up! Auto-Interview

You pipe up every day by doing what you do with passion, conviction, integrity. You have a project/band/idea that you would like to promote or develop. So tell us about it.

Ask yourself, and then answer, a few simple questions, such as:

How would you describe it?

Why did you start it?

What have you discovered in the process?

How can people get in touch with you/see/find more info about it?


An example of this can be found in Issue One.

Be concise, detailed, and honest.. Or get someone else to interview you and send us the results. Or interview someone else that has a group, movement, activity that you dig, and send us the results.

Don't worry too much about writing style--let your enthusiasm for the subject guide the content. 500 words or less. Include links, email address if you wish it to be published, and a short one or two line bio of interviewer, if different from interviewee.

Pipe Up Centerfold Contest

We have an ongoing contest for the sexiest centerfold submission. Winners will also be published online, but in the print version they will have the place of honor--spread over the place where the magazine falls easily open in the reader's eager hands.

What is the sexiest thing to you? Show us, in words or pictures or both.

Your submission does not necessarily have to be randy or provocative or funny, but it can be any of those things, as long as it is honest. Sexy to you.

Winners may also be chosen from among the regular submissions if something strikes the editors as sexy (like pie charts, progressive politics, or robots).

Pipe Up On TV

Pipe Up! Contributor Adam McKay gives us this challenge:

"I'm On Prime Time"

You have been granted five minutes of network time during "Survivor" or whatever the top rated show is. You have an audience of forty million...what do you say? What do you do? What would you like to see?

Top entries will run in the magazine and every month a stack of submissions will be sent to all the major networks as a request for equal time.

LEGAL: Pipe Up! will be published by Little Commie LLC ( which will have copyright on the magazine, but you will keep rights to anything you create. This is a labor of love. For now, there is no pay involved. But who doesn't want to get in on the ground floor of love???

About the Editor: Shannon Manning studied in Chicago at the School of the Art Institute, the University of Chicago (BA history), the University of Illinois at Chicago (MA theatre), Second City, and the Improvolympic with Del Close. Also in Chicago she wrote, performed, and directed a play called Dead Dads (which later played at SoloArts and the UCB Theater) and wrote and produced an award-winning Chicago Bulls scoreboard animation. Since moving to New York in 1997, she has continued to act at the UCBT, on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and has coached and taught longform improv at the UCBT and as part of Toyota Comedy Festival's Laugh Well program, respectively. She writes and directs short films (one selected for the 2002 Chicago Improv Fest), is a co-founder of the video collective Leche Magica and the music and improv shows Beauty Love Truth and Red All Over. She has been active in the publishing and broadcast industry for 15 years. Latest masthead info.

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