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United We Stand Beer

Written, directed, and edited by Shannon Manning
Starring James Eason
Music "Hog Callin' Blues" written by Charles Mingus
Performed by the Mingus Big Band


Pop Open a Cold One



Postcard to a Bird

Directed and edited by Shannon Manning
Performed by Lianne Smith
Music written by Lianne Smith and Neill Furio
Additional footage from the Manning Archive

Triple Os and Xs




The Day's Last Peace Bear

Written, directed, edited by Shannon Manning
Starring David Berman, James Eason, Richie Gibbs, Shannon Manning, Kevin Mullaney,
Joe O’Brien, Ed Snible
Camera by Crystal Bahmaie and Shannon Manning
Music by James Eason

A True Life Story


Pirate Treasurer

Written, directed, edited by Shannon Manning
Starring Jason Mantzoukas, James Eason, and Jackie Clarke
Music by the Mekons.

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Written, directed, edited by Shannon Manning.
With Tom Blake, Julie Brister, Jackie Clarke, Sean Conroy, James Eason, Machito Garcia, Janice Kirkwood, Mike Ludwig, Shannon Manning, Phil Shane, Gayle Snible, Christine Walters
Shot by Christine Walters, Ed Snible, Phil Shane, Shannon Manning
Music by Lester (Phil Dray) and Chumbawamba
Voiceover by Sean Conroy and Shannon Manning

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Lectures on Tape
Foucault's Discipline and Punish:
The Birth of the Prison

Written by Shannon Manning and Angus Johnston
Starring Angus Johnston
Edited and directed by Shannon Manning

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