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The first show was September 6, 2000. The final show was August 19th, 2002.

Every few months the members of Leche Magica presented an evening of video shorts inspired by a suggestion from the audience.
This video collective was one of the first of its kind.

We thank everyone who came out to support this project and thanks to all of our guests. It was a lovely time!

Check out the program info for each of the shows

* Leche Magica * featured the work of:

* Sean Conroy

* Armando Diaz

* Kevin Doyle

* Jon Goldblatt

* Rob Huebel

* Terry Jinn

* Shannon Manning

* Phil Shane

* Christine Walters

* and guests Tom Blake, Owen Burke, Brian Huskey, and Ed Zareh

*LECHE MAGICA* was an magic elastic association of writers, comedians, filmmakers, improvisers, producers, musicians, and animators working independently and collectively to free their talents from the sway of advertising dollars and dedicate themselves to the illumination of truth and the corruption of youth. Ya basta! Leche Magica films by Armando Diaz, Shannon Manning, and Phil Shane were selected for the Chicago Improv Festival's inaugural DV nite screening.