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number 5

Bring ‘Em On Shannon Manning
Learning to Fly
Porter Mason
A Night in Lunatic Hospital Gayle Snible
In the Next Village Over Gregg Miller
How to Speak to Republicans Adam McKay
Pipe Up!’s “I’m on Prime Time!” Ed Snible
Welcome the Teddy Bear Valedictorian Aaron Bergeron
Independence Days Dan Dunford
Illustration Dyna Moe
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Well...All Right
Angus Johnston
My Music Is And Falling Apart Greg Peterson
Me and Three John M. Haughey
A Stock Market Update Porter Mason
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies:
An Addict’s Answer

Michelle Fruit
Chiliquiques (for two) Ivan Lerner
DIG AND BE DUG LISTINGS Pipe Up! Events Listings
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