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issue 1.1

From the editor:

You hold in your hands a new magazine devoted to Art, Culture, Politics, Music, and Humor. Our contributors cut through a broad swath of producers and consumers in these fields.

We will publish roughly monthly; submissions are ongoing. If you have events or ideas you'd like to promote, let us know. That's what we do.

Submissions may be made to the address below.

PIPE UP! Magazine

Thanksgiving 2002

Volume 1, Issue 1

Art, Culture, Politics, Music, Humor

A Little Commie LLC production

Published in Brooklyn, New York

Editor Shannon Manning

Associate Editor Angus Johnston

Advisory Board Adam McKay, Jim Peterson, Manning Peterson

Cover art Crystal Bahmaie

Back cover art Dororthy Gambrell

Comics on pages 10, 12, 24, and 27 of print version from Aaron Bergeron's You've Got a Crush on Aaron Bergeron

Other Drawings in print issue by Manning Peterson

Web Manning Peterson and Shannon Manning

PIPE UP! Little Commie LLC.

Copyright for the individual works herein remains with the creator.

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