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Special 2004 Election Collectors' Issue


by Gregg Miller

1. Capitalism is indifferent to how it makes its money. We are not.

2. Reason is not opposed to affect; it depends on it.

3. Ploughshares make poor swords, but swords make worse pens.

4. Lies betray their respect for truth.

5. Beauty doesn’t last. Amen.

6. To be cornered is to enjoy a moment of rare certainty.

7. Glitches force our hands.

8. Writing is slower than speaking and reading combined.

9. The seasons write their moods in the trees.

10. If you’ve seen one antelope . . . .

11. War is a poor steward.

12. Sex is neither here nor there.

13. The protection of children is an all-purpose license.

14. Fear should neither be faced nor ignored. Go where it sends you.

15. Evolution: a way to pat one’s own back in the name of fate.

16. Crime is the red flag of injustice.

17. Circle and suture, pals forever.

18. Restlessness is a symptom of rivalry seeking its object.

19. Mix your metaphors, your ass will follow.

Gregg Miller teaches political theory at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. He wants you to visit his wife’s website.

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