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Special 2004 Election Collectors' Issue


by Ed Snible

The border between New York City and New Jersey is obvious. You drive through the Holland tunnel, pay a toll, and see a sign saying "Welcome To New York."

29% of Americans 18-24 can’t find the damn Pacific Ocean on a map. It's just the largest surface feature on our planet! Many of these same uneducated boobs are mocking John Kerry for being unable to distinguish Cambodia from Vietnam.

The border between Cambodia and Vietnam is not posted. No tolls, no Holland tunnel. It's just jungle. It's all green. There are no signs anywhere. Pretty much the only difference is that on one side of the border Marlon Brando is snorting lines off mounds of human skulls, whereas on the other side "me so horny" girls love you long-time.

I don't know where Kerry spent Christmas thirty-five years ago. I just know that if I had been with him, I wouldn't have known where I was.

No matter what you think of Kerry as a Candidate, what does it matter if all jungle looks the same to him? Don't tell me you could do any better.

Attached is a satellite image of the Vietnam/Cambodia border, 1km = 1pixel

The Song of the Day is by the Dead Kennedys:
It's a holiday in Cambodia /
Where you'll do what you’re told /
A holiday in Cambodia /
Where the slums got so much soul...

The Vietnam Era Veteran's Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (38 U.S.C. section 4212) prohibits hiring discrimination on the basis of Vietnam-era veteran status.

We have reviewed "Holiday in Cambodia" by Ed Snible. Although Mr. Snible advocates making hiring decisions on the basis of Vietnam-era status, the U.S. Department of Labor has ruled that paragraph (a) of 4212 specifically excludes executive and top-level management positions from affirmative-action requirements of federal law.

Mr. Snible's piece violates the anti-discrimination spirit of the law, but not its letter. Such discriminatory speech, although reprehensible, is not only legal but widely popular. Many national magazines have recently switched to an all-Vietnam-era-discrimination-incitement format.

The Pipe Up Legal Team

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