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Surf Report

by Ed Hewitt

Notes on a long winter

1) Bare midriffs reappear long before boots, gloves, and hoods disappear.

2) Despite medical recommendations to keep certain male body parts from prolonged exposure to high temperatures, that one hole in the wetsuit is overkill

3) Although the current wetsuit is likely to be retired or made a loaner next winter, fix the hole(s) in July, when the suit is dry.

4) Wetsuit repair goo does not work.

5) A long weekend in SoCal solves many issues.

6) Bruce Jones took tremendous care of you this winter; try to return the favor.

7) El Niño is Spanish for “the niño.”

8) If it feels warm, remember what happens when the sun is behind clouds.

9) Water at 35.6 degrees is more dense than ice.

10) As ridiculous as “it’s not that bad” sounds, stick with it, live it, believe it.

11) Never ask why you do this.

Ed Hewitt writes a weekly travel column and surfs mostly weekdays; visit his surf conditions page at

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