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number 3

The Ballad of the Yellow Berets
(Sung to the tune of The Ballad Of The Green Berets)

by Jerry & Joe Long

William Bennett
Defines our war
And pockets his fee

Richard Perle
Claims deaths will be few
In his think tank
That’s certainly true

Gaffney Gingrich
Lieberman Lott
Never fought in Nam
Preferred not to get shot

Today Bill Kristol
Says, “Do Iraq”
But when duty called
He didn’t call back

Remained in college
To defer
A chance to serve
For a term paper

100 excuses
They’d make that day
Till their draft boards let
Them run away

Rove hurt his back
Cheney was too fat
Will’s eyes were poor
DeLay’s feet were flat

Rush couldn’t risk
Hyperextending a knee
If forced to wade
A rice paddy

But put a microphone
Upon their chest
And they’ll explain
Why combat’s best

Can America stay
The land of the free
And remain the home
Of hypocrisy?

Jerry Long ( and his brother Joe are known as the satirists The Sturdy Beggars. They live in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.

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