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number 2

From the editor:

This is the second issue of a magazine devoted to art, culture, politics, music, and humor. Our contributors cut through a broad swath of producers and consumers in these fields.

We publish roughly monthly; submissions are ongoing and details are available on the website. Join the mailing list there, subscribe, submit event listings, or investigate advertising opportunities. We also like letters.

Recipes and other fun items are also available on the web so you do not need to cut up this magazine. If you do it again, we will not send you a replacement. Michelle.

PIPE UP! Magazine

'Tis the Season 2002/2003

Number 2

Art, Culture, Politics, Music, Humor

A Little Commie LLC production

Published in Brooklyn, New York

Editor Shannon Manning

Associate Editor Angus Johnston

Trusted Advisors Adam McKay, Jim Peterson, Manning Peterson

Cover art Manning Peterson

Cover Model Machito Garcia wearing this seasonÁs scab-picking prophylactic must-have

Comics on pages 4, 14, 19, 23, 29, 31 of print version from Aaron Bergeron's You've Got a Crush on Aaron Bergeron

Web Manning Peterson and Shannon Manning

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