RED ALL OVER is being reformatted for another medium!

But you can still see other great shows, including the Drinkytown workshop, every Wednesday at 7pm
Parkside Lounge
317 East Houston (E of Ave B) F/V to 2nd Ave. FREE.


an improvised comedy show inspired by a lively discussion of current issues, news, politics, and culture, directed by Shannon Manning.

Free issues of The Nation at every show!

The first incarnation of Red All Over ran summer and fall of 2002 and featured:
Aaron Bergeron (Robot TV ), Amy Carlson (NBC's Third Watch and Law & Order Trial by Jury), James Eason (UCB's Mother), Angus Johnston (CUNY, Pipe Up!), Mike Ludwig (Comedy Central's Contest Searchlight), Ivan Lerner (Chemical Market Reporter), Shannon Manning (Mosaic, Beauty Love Truth), Doug Moe (UCB's Dr. Awesome, OI, and Comedy Central's Contest Searchlight), Celene Ryan, Ed Snible (IBM), and lots of smart and funny guests,

such as: Terry Jinn, Michael McCartney, Brian Fountain, Brian Glaser, Amy Rhodes, Marc Liepis, Jackie Clarke, Amey Goerlich, Risa Sang-Uri, Charlie Todd, Mike Hagen, Kevin Hines, Jane Borden, Daniel Powell, Jeff Greenspan,

and, in the 2004 revivial: Michelle Dobrawsky, Tiffany Esteb, Eden Gauteron, Alana Harrison, Robert Connor, Alex Marino, Tiffany Morningstar, Matt Pack, Louie Perlman, Jeff Scherer, Diana Senechal, Ed Snible, John Ward, Adam Kopel, Tony Carnevale, Maddy Mako, Avi, Teri Talbot,


"Each week her cast of clever and wacky guests succeed in turning current political and cultural events upside down, often with viewpoints inspired by the Nation." --The Nation Associate.

"If the current state of political and business affairs has you more down than the thermometer is up, take a stroll over the Parkside on Thursdays. Your mind will be fed by both intelligence and humor." --Lianne Smith

"The concept is very fresh and fun! The performers get to be themselves, and draw real life into their characters right before your eyes. The quick contrast between real and imaginary inspires the creativity within you as well as tickles your funny bone." --Anna Chlumsky

There are free issues of The Nation at every show!

What is TOPICAL?

Topical is that one time America fought a war to end all wars:


Topical is that one time America liberated Paris:


Topical is that time in 1912 when the Titanic sank.
Topical is that time in 1997 when cutie Leo Di Caprio first came to my attention:


Topical is that one time Bush & Co. stole the election, and then did it again:


Topical is that time in 1871 when Chicago burned down and Bush & Co. used America's
fear and anger to push through a fast-track repeal of Universal Dental Coverage for Newsies:


Topical is that one time Chicagoans fought with MacArthur in Australia:


Topical is that one time Buffalo welcomed Roosevelt:


Topical is that one time when the football team went to State and there was
a sale at Gringer's Appliances and America was at peace:

Topical is that one time when America loved our Normal Rockwell and our dirt streets:


Topical is that one time Spring Break1952 when girls did not go wild:


Topical is that one time a poignant political cartoon of a tattered newsboy
changed child labor laws forever, strengthened unions, and strengthened America:


Topical is newsie fashion trendsetters and the bowler-hatted men who pay them:


Topical is that one time when Bush & Co. pushed for a Constitutional amendment
to ban pageboys and other gay hair- and life-styles.


Topical is that one time when I went back and checked out
cutie Leo Di Caprio's earlier work like "Basketball Diaries" and "The Newsie."


Topical is that one time when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and Bush & Co.
used America's fear and anger to push through fast-track war legislation that benefitted
their business friends. Topical is when hearings were held to determine how much
Bush & Co. lied and misinformed the American people.


Topical is Red All Over in 2004: committed to defeating Bush & Co while making you laugh.

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